Never Peak

This is my first blog post and my first blog ever!  I’m pretty excited!  This blog is going to be reflections of business and life that I believe would be helpful for others to read and explore.  I have always loved coaching and find that I learn the best after reading about people’s life experiences.

A little about me:  I am 35 years old.  I am a wife of five years and mom of four years to two amazing little firecrackers: two and four.  I am a runner of 20 years.  I’m the middle of seven children.  I have been self-employed and in sales, management, and recruiting for 16 years.  I retired at age 32.  I lived in rural WI my first 18 years, and have lived in metropolitan areas the past (almost) 18 years.  I have lived in eight states.  I have been a financial wreck.  I have had financial success.  I’m a registered Independent.  I am an amazing dancer. (I also am a liar about my dancing.)  I am Catholic.  I have had some unique experiences that lead to unique perspectives on a wide range of topics, and want to share them.  My initials are RJG.  Every blog post will have three points – thus the 1,2,3 title.

This first blog is about never peaking.  I have been thinking a lot about this the past two years because I have noticed a trend for me to attach accomplishments to my kids and husband – not myself.  About a year ago when I started working again I made a conscious effort to make some goals in several different areas of my life.  #neverpeak is one of my favorite hashtags.  All of us go through ebbs and flows in our lives, but its important to be aware of how we are living – in the past or in the future.  When is it okay to let ourselves go?  When do we get to look back at what we have done and be satisfied?  There will be times when we move on to new things, and can become satisfied with the old, but life should always be about achieving something else – striving for a goal at all times.  We can’t sit back and live off of past triumphs.  How can your life be getting better if you aren’t making yourself better?

  1. Choose your goals.  I had a pretty good September.  I ran my latest 10 mile race and got a personal record (PR).  I had my best month in business.  And we successfully got our two year old to give up her pacifier.  (Every mom needs some goals!)  I like to do short term and long term goals – monthly, yearly, and 5-10 years out.  When you choose your goals you should make them attainable for you and give them a deadline.  Otherwise they are just dreams, and are easily extended for a more “convenient time.”  I like to write mine down and keep them on my desk so I can see them each day.  My husband and I also have a dream board – which honestly is sitting in the corner on the floor and I just took it out to look at it for the first time in about three months.  Having pictures and writing goals out make you 87% more likely to achieve them.  A cool thing about our vision board as I just looked at it though: We reached some of our goals and I didn’t realize it!  We re-did our basement and put in a bar.  We got a new driveway so now the kids won’t trip on the concrete.  I got a new laptop.  And we’ve been eating WAY healthier! img_1646
  2. Attach them to you. I have a friend who has just lost over 40 pounds and still reaching for her goal.  Another friend hit a life-long goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  A co-worker of mine just hit the promotion that she has been working a few years to hit.  What is your next goal?  For us moms, it cannot be all about the kids or our significant others.  It’s so important to have things for yourself and be working towards a better you.  Kids do what they see.  It’s important to teach them that progress is a life-long lesson.  You can be proud of your children while they can be proud of you at the same time. img_1640
  3. This is not about perfection or being “the best.” I shared some of my goals from September – they aren’t earth shattering, and goals don’t have to be.  I am not the top of my company.  I wasn’t the fastest runner in my race.  A lot of kids never use a pacifier.  But I hit some goals that I set for myself and when you compare YOU to YOU, you will be proud.  And my family can see that I’m making an attempt to be a better person.  People do what they see.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this first blog post!  You can connect with me on LinkedIn, check out my website www.rebeccagebhardt.myrandf.com, or email me at rebeccajogebhardt123@gmail.com.  Happy goal setting!

(Family photo by Tracy Walsh Photography.)

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