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Plan Emotionally, Execute Rationally

I don’t feel like writing right now.

At all.

I’ve just finished my first book and honestly, it took a lot of brain and will power.  It’s in format phase and will be released by mid-February, 2020.

I’m writing this blog post and article because it’s part of my 2020 plan.  This is my 46th blog post and the goal is to get to 50 by mid-year.  Creating value-added content for free is part of my business strategy, and the blog plays into that.  It’s what I planned to do and the execution is happening whether I want it to or not.

We are emotional beings.  And emotion plays a key role in our success – if we channel it properly.  Top performers lean into their feelings in a productive way.  They plan emotionally.  They set goals that mean something and spend time getting to the real “why.”  That why sustains them through the ups and downs until they achieve the goal.

Average producers and entrepreneurs also use their emotions, but in the execution phase.  “I don’t feel like going out and prospecting today.”  So, they don’t.  “I don’t feel like eating healthy food to provide the energy needed to go all-in.”  So, they don’t.  “I don’t feel like having that hard conversation that I know will make things easier.” So, they don’t.

We are one month into our year, and most New Year’s resolutions have already been broken.  You don’t need to give up, though.  If you really want what you said you wanted when you wrote your goals down, go back and get emotional on the “why.”  Plan out what it is you need to act and implement to make the goal happen.  There are metrics that are necessary to every goal.  Top performers know which ones make the most impact.

I was mentored by Peter Ferre’ in my early twenties, and I devote an entire chapter in my book Beyond the Board to his lessons.  He never experienced a year where his business didn’t grow.  He loved to say, “Run your business like a business.”  It doesn’t matter how you feel when you are executing.  If you have a specific goal, and you’ve mapped out the actions you need to get there, then your business will tell you what you need to do.  It takes being rational in your habits and execution.

If you have questions on what you need to be doing or saying to achieve your sales goals this year, reach out to me at  I offer complimentary one-hour sessions and have room for 3 more one-on-one clients in Q1. I promise, you can be as emotional as you want with me. 😉

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