The Conundrum of Competition and Comparison

I remember the first time I competed against someone and won.  My older sister - by 18 months - was learning her multiplication facts.  I was two years behind her in school, but wanted to do whatever she was doing.  My dad was in our room holding the flash cards.  3 x 4?  12!!!  I… Continue reading The Conundrum of Competition and Comparison


The Perfect Storm

Have you guys heard there is a blizzard out there?!  No?! It's all everyone in a four state zone can post about.  And it sucks.  My pasty white legs wanna see some sun!  I haven't left the house in 54 hours and when I do tomorrow I may have forgotten how to drive.  But, it's… Continue reading The Perfect Storm


Casting a Net when Networking

If you consider yourself a professional in any way, then networking is probably part of your life.  With social media making the world smaller, networking has become an easier thing to do; we can connect with people around the world and become acquainted with people we have never even meet.  And while networking and connecting… Continue reading Casting a Net when Networking


Eye See You, Why Doesn’t Your Eye See Me?

The penalty of not looking into the eyes of the person you are clinking glasses with during a toast is 7 years of bad sex.  Yep. Got that?!  In France and Germany it's a superstition that forces people to look into each other's eyes.  My old boss had told us it was tradition to look… Continue reading Eye See You, Why Doesn’t Your Eye See Me?