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Happy New Year Moms!

Did anyone else do a countdown this year?!?! Just me?!?! No, I'm not crazy - I realize January 2020 is still four solid months out. But I'm not waiting 4 months to hit some goals and finish 2019 strong.  And neither should any other parents out there. The day after Labor Day is the first… Continue reading Happy New Year Moms!


The Conundrum of Competition and Comparison

I remember the first time I competed against someone and won.  My older sister - by 18 months - was learning her multiplication facts.  I was two years behind her in school, but wanted to do whatever she was doing.  My dad was in our room holding the flash cards.  3 x 4?  12!!!  I… Continue reading The Conundrum of Competition and Comparison


We’re Not Raising Quitters

Isn't it weird that all those cringe-worthy memories you have hidden since childhood come back rearing their ugly head when you have kids?  I'm talking about the painful stuff that you worked hard to overcome - the stuff that made you who you are.  The reason you push or protect your children from going through… Continue reading We’re Not Raising Quitters