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Vision Board Day is January 8th, 2022!

Social media is full of vision boards right now, and it should be. It's inspiring to see people who are brave enough to share their goals and take the time to manifest them through seeing their goals on a vision board. But creating the vision board isn't an accomplishment in itself. The encouragement some people… Continue reading Vision Board Day is January 8th, 2022!

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How to Master Your First Quarter in Sales Leadership

There is a plethora of (mediocre) advice about how to get your first sales leadership role. What to do to stand out, what to say in the interview, how to "act as if." What never seems to get mentioned is that what gets you the new sales leadership position has very little to do with how well you will do at that role. What gets you there won't make you successful there.

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Millennials Are Now Your New Managers

Millennials and boomers are having a moment. They are getting into Twitters fights with each other on who is better. "Ok, boomer," and "okay, millennial" is daily fodder. One of my favorite sketches Saturday Night Live does is a gameshow between boomers and millennials. There is even a board game called Millennials vs Boomers. The… Continue reading Millennials Are Now Your New Managers

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Do You Add Value? Or Multiply It?

Photo by Jessica Strobel Creative In business and sales, we think about adding value to people. If we add value to others, we will have a job and are valued ourselves. If we don't add value, we get the chopping block. When high achieving sales people make the leap into sales leadership, it's no longer… Continue reading Do You Add Value? Or Multiply It?