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Vision Board Day is January 8th, 2022!

Social media is full of vision boards right now, and it should be. It’s inspiring to see people who are brave enough to share their goals and take the time to manifest them through seeing their goals on a vision board.

But creating the vision board isn’t an accomplishment in itself. The encouragement some people are about to receive about their vision board goals will prevent them from actually achieving them.

We’ve heard “experts” tell us to “share your goals with everyone so then you’ll force yourself to achieve them.” But that’s the exact opposite of what the data tells us. It’s how we are wired and the chemicals in our brain. When we share our goals with anyone and everyone and hear comments like, “Wow! You’re going to break the company sales record?! Congratulations!” it actually hurts us. Our brain gets rewarded by the public recognition and thinks that we actually achieved the goal. But you didn’t do anything yet. (This is why I encourage people to intentionally share their goals with the people who will help them achieve them.)

I want you to achieve your goals this year and I wrote a whole book on how to do this successfully. The process you follow when creating your goals, making a vision board, and then following through is important. Here is a simple three step process:

  1. Step one to achieving your goals is having goals. Goals you actually care about and have a chance of achieving. Goals with set dates you are striving to reach them by. If you have goals written down because Suzy wrote down those goals and they sounded good, that’s not the best strategy. I’ve ran enough races and won them only to get the finish line and realize I didn’t want to be in the race in the first place. What matters to YOU? What is your definition of success? What season of life are you in? What sacrifices are you willing to make to attain them and where do you draw the line? What goals can you work towards and make consistent progress with that will keep you motivated all year long?
  2. Step two is to create a vision board. A visual representation of your most important goals. A vision board allows you to SEE what you want and it ties feelings to the process. I encourage my clients to plan emotionally and execute rationally. Know why each goal is important and take time to look at the goals to really believe that they can happen. The more emotional you get in the process, the more rational you can be in the follow-through. Not all goals are created equal; don’t fall into the trap of focusing on all your vision board goals. Dividing focus and energy among too many goals makes people less successful. Which 1-3 goals, if achieved, would make the other parts of your vision board come to fruition?
  3. Step three is where we lose people. It’s the execution part. It’s the how and the who. How will you achieve it? How will you break down your goals into achievable parts to stay motivated? How will you handle the expected unexpected challenges that arise? How will you put your head down and do what needs to be done without letting your emotions get in the way? Who will you need to be in the process? Who will you have to have around you that will be a good influence?

I’m rooting for you this year and have a free downloadable workbook if you’re serious about attaining your 2022 vison board goals. Click here to access it. You can find this information in more detail and follow my process to achieving your vision board goals in my best-selling book, which you can find on Amazon.

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