Sales Leaders: To Be More Effective, Stop Selling All the Time

Some of you are only reading this article because you disagree with the title so much that you are wondering how on earn can I even call myself a sales leadership coach.

But hear me out.

In my 20 years of sales and sales leadership experience I have seen great leaders who are phenomenal sales people. They create inspiring visions and then sell the team and company on why and how they will be achieved. Their energy is so contagious that they literally can get thousands of people to jump up and down with excitement over the vision.

75% of sales leaders told me they were in the top 25% of the sales force before getting promoted into leadership. (If you want the entire Leaderboard to Leadership™ survey results, send me a message and I will send them your way.) The very fact they could effectively sell was one of the main reasons they were promoted. And sales leaders should have sales experience. You can’t lead where you haven’t gone and can’t teach what you don’t know.

But this doesn’t mean that sales leaders should always be selling to the sales team.

(Continue reading here.)

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