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Pollyanna Has A Problem

A positive mental attitude will get you through everything, right?

Who is excited about their 2020 goals?!  I know I sure am!  Ready to level up, serve more, and achieve things I’ve never had on my radar before.  I hope you are too.  I’m sure that you’ve already done some strategy and goal-setting or you plan on doing that these last few weeks of 2020.  And preparing for the expected unexpected challenges should be part of the process.

Most people will give up on their goals by February.  And it’s not because most people are quitters and can’t handle it.  It’s because something comes along in the form of a challenge that they didn’t plan on coming their way.  Most things are harder than we think they will be.  Once and a while we get lucky and we achieve our goals in complete flow. But most times, we have to overcome challenges.  And you’ll have a greater chance of overcoming them if you plan your response to them before you start.

After you think through what you want, why you want it, who you need to be in the process and who you need around you, and how you will do it you need to think about what will stand in your way.  (I go through those four areas in depth in my new book Beyond the Board – How to Achieve Your Goals in a Fulfilling and Sustainable Way that comes out early 2020.)  We must prepare for challenges so we have a plan as to how to overcome them.

This exercise isn’t fun.  It’s not the most positive.  But its critical for you to prepare.  Just like buying insurance in case something happens, we must plan for challenges in our goals.  Do you really think you’ll feel like getting out of bed to work out every day you have planned?  Do you think it never rains on wedding days?  Do you really think no one on your team will quit next year and throw your goals off track? It’s almost fun to think, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”  If you still want your goal after considering all the challenges that might get in your way, you know you’re serious.  You know you’ll have a better chance of achieving it.  We can’t 100% predict what will happen, but we can prepare.

Simple Exercise:

On a clear sheet of paper write down your biggest 2020 goal: _____________________________

Make two columns below that goal:

What challenge might show up?                                                       How will I respond? 

Under those two columns, start coming up with challenges you have experienced in the past, or challenges that might arise as you work towards your goal. Some examples are:

My flight gets cancelled and I miss the meeting.               Reschedule or video conference. 

My largest client leaves.                                      Diversify my business. Keep funnel in check.

Social media might shut down.                                         Create email list to own contact list. 

Get a bad review.                                                                           Respond to it. Learn. Move on. 

Bad weather.                                                                Reschedule events.  Dress appropriately. 

It’s hard.                                            Remember why you started. It’s not about how you feel.

Your friends don’t approve.          They don’t pay your bills. Validation comes from within. 

I suggest making a list of a minimum of 20 possible scenarios that might show up for you in the next year that might make hitting your goals harder.  This exercise might take you up to an hour.  But you’ll be prepared, feel confident that you already planned for it, and be able to handle the situation positively.

If you have any questions about your 2020 goals or strategy, reach out to me for guidance.  And you are always free to take a look at my website for free resources:


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