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Do You Want Sexy or Successful?

Every day we are imploded with advice and advertisements on all the things we need in our personal and business lives to feel sexy, but not necessarily successful.  More followers on social media, or we don’t have any validation.  The perfect dress or we won’t get the perfect picture.  The latest craze workout that’ll have us proving our ex wrong by Christmas (even though he/she doesn’t think about us and hasn’t in years.)  And 40% of social media is made up: The posts, the people, the topics that look sexy aren’t actually real.

We are bombarded non-stop with ways to look better, whether it be our reputation, popularity, physical appearance, or ego.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again for the people in the back: There has never been any lack of knowledge, but a misuse of it.  There are so many things we could be doing to look sexy.  And we don’t know which piece of advice to choose, so we pick one of everything.

But to be successful, we have to focus on the few needle-movers that work.  And here is where people fall short with success.  They try to be sexy instead of looking for ways to be successful.  People think success has to be sexy, and that’s just not the truth.  To be successful (and do it in a fulfilling way) it involves some unsexy processes: hard work, persistence, and grit.

If you are someone who can do both, I commend you.  Really!  But it must feel exhausting doing all the things, going to all the events, and running into the ground doing everything the “experts” tell you to do.  (This coming from an extroverted introvert.)

So, do you want to look good, or do you want to be successful?

We over complicate success and what it takes to achieve it because we get confused by all the noise.  My advice has always been to simplify it.  Simplify the process and focus to multiply your results and profits.  Simplify to Multiply. 

Simple doesn’t mean easy.  It doesn’t mean keep doing things the way you’ve always done.  It also doesn’t mean not looking to others to help with the process.  It just means keep it simple.  And that doesn’t really sound sexy at all.

What is the ultimate goal you want?  What, why, how, who? What do you really want in the present and future?  Why do you really want it?  How will you go about getting it using your habits, skill set, and mindset?  Who will you be in the process of achieving your goals?  If you can answer these unsexy questions, you’ll find a simple road map that will produce actual results.  Results that measure up to your definition of success and leaves you feeling fulfilled.

When you know what you need to focus on, it helps eliminate distractions. And then, when you work towards them every day, in your sexy new suit or your unsexy pajama pants, you find the success you’re looking for. And it’ll feel fulfilling.  

If you’re ready to map out the rest of your 2019 goals to finish with a win you can be proud of, or want some help coming up with your strategy for 2020, schedule an appointment with me today.  A few hours of planning and strategy can save you months of working towards the wrong goal and doing it the wrong way.  To find more information about my 2020 Strategic Planning sessions, click here.  Or, if you want to join my FREE webinar on November 12th called Beyond the Board and get a head start, those details can be found on the same page!


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