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Master Your Mind with a Mastermind

Masterminds are making a comeback.  For some of you they may seem like a brand-new idea.  I see them being sold all over social media.  Some you can get into for as low as $7.  (I don’t consider those masterminds but group training, but I digress…)

But they aren’t new.  Napolean Hill talked about them in his book “Think and Grow Rich” and that was published in 1937.  W. Clement Stone fell in love with them and wrote about them in “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.”  There is something so special about getting in a room with like-minded people who have different strengths.  Everyone comes to feed others with their super powers and leaves with pearls of wisdom they can implement right away.  It creates an energy you just can’t find by reading a book all by yourself.  Being in a room of people that want to win and want you to win is something that’ unlike anything else.

I like to brag that I’ve been self-employed for 20 years.  I haven’t had someone sign my check since a college internship.  Working for myself and on straight commission is something I’ve found empowering and honestly, the only way I’d make a living.  But I’ve never worked alone.

The insurance company I worked for had different agencies.  And I felt like I had won the jackpot because of the people in mine.  The top leaders would meet a few times a year in person and talk weekly.  Now, this was only for the top leaders and there was a whole segment of people who missed out on this type of mastermind, but it was one group you worked extremely hard to get into.  I was able to grow personally and professionally with people who also wanted something more for themselves and their business.  The accountability, community, and content taught by other agency builders was what propelled all of us to have the success we wanted.

But it’s hard to find groups that are right for you.  I mean, there are groups of friends that can meet up and talk about what works, but that can get lopsided and hard to schedule.  And before you know it, no one has time to organize the next one and it just falls apart.  Or you can join an accountability group of others you don’t really know, but unless you really know and respect them, they don’t work.  Because if you don’t respect them, you don’t really care what those people think of you if you don’t follow through with what you said you were going to do.  Or, you could attend a reunion with people you used to hang out with or work with, but an hour in, you’ve gotten 5 sales pitches and 3 attempts at recruiting you to work for them.  (super fun, I know…)

So that brings in the mastermind.  I recently received my certification through Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi after going through an intense training for running masterminds.  And I have such a profound respect and conviction in them that I’m launching my first two this summer and fall!  I love the idea of reaching more people at a time than I can with my individual coaching clients and that we can follow up for three months after the event for accountability.  These masterminds are for specific people, though, so I’ll share my first one with you.

I’ll have all the details on my website, but if you know someone in insurance, the Insuring Success Mastermind is currently taking applications for the August 15th mastermind in Minneapolis.  The link to that information is This is for agents who want to finish 2019 strong and take one day to work on their business and stop being busy in their business.  And there will be plenty of content, community, and energy that will create breakthroughs personally and professionally.  I’m excited about the professional guests that are coming and it’s limited to 20 agents.  One agent per market.  Lock in your spot before they are gone!

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