Simplify to Multiply

In today’s world, a lack of knowledge isn’t the issue.  You can find anything you need online.  The problem is that you can find more than you need online and it’s creating time and energy issues.  The problem is clarity.

People are bombarded with content and advice every day and don’t want to miss out.  It’s loud out there!  Come to this networking event!  Master your brand!  Write a blog or a book if you want to get noticed!  You need bots and automation if you’re ever going to make a profit!  And sometimes you listen.  You’ll take (or pay for) the advice from that self-proclaimed master and end up spinning in circles.  Doing everything instead of focusing on what you really need.  Quiet the noise and simplify your business and life.

Simplify to multiply your business, income, and life.  I help my clients with a few simple exercises to help them gain clarity on what they really want.  What THEY really want – not what is expected of them or what they feel they NEED to do to appease anyone.  Once you figure out what you want, you can say NO to the things that won’t help you get there.  Say no to the activities that aren’t effective at getting you there.  Delegate or outsource what you aren’t good at or want to do.  Because for those of us living complex lives, we only have a finite amount of time and energy.  When I was 18 I could afford to lose both.  At 38, I can’t.  And I doubt you do either.

Here are a few questions I ask my clients.  I have follow-up conversation and questions, but here is a simplified exercise for you to answer:

  1. What are the ultimate goals you want to achieve and why are they important to you?  (Bonus: How does that goal align with your purpose?)
  2. What actions are critical to achieve them?
  3. What else do you like to do that will also help you to your goals? (Because you need to do fun activities, not just the critical ones.)
  4. What can you stop doing that isn’t being effective?  (You’ll need to track your metrics before you can answer this.)
  5. Schedule those activities into your planner and protect your time.

Spend some time figuring this out.  You will save years and months of work if you do the activities and critical success factors that align with your values, strengths, and purpose.  If you want or need any help with this, email me at risewithrebecca@gmail.com or schedule a free 30 minute session here.

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