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Creating a Vision Board for a Clear Future

What’s the coolest thing you’ve heard someone achieve after putting it on their vision board?!? We’re told how many successful people do them. And who hasn’t seen “The Secret?”  Oprah constantly preaches mindfulness and asking for what you want.  We know they are powerful to do…but why do so few people put them together?

Last night I led a vision board party.  It was at a local library so we weren’t allowed to sing too loud. 😉 We got down with the glue sticks and scissors and got high on what’s possible.  It was amazing hearing why people came and what goals they want to achieve.  You are 84% more likely to hit your goals when you write them down.  Can you imagine what would happen when you add feelings to those goals?  That is exactly what a vision board does.

A real quick history of my love affair with vision boards.  I’ve been doing them for over a decade, and have done them in my previous career with my sales teams.  There is just something to be said about really thinking about what you want in life and business, writing it down, and then finding pictures to visualize them.  I’ve had too many crazy situations happen to fulfill my vision board dreams, but want to share a few with those of you who aren’t quite buying into the idea:

  • I had an image on an old vision board about “meeting the man next door.”  I met my husband when I knocked on his door after his neighbor, and my friend, stood me up for dinner.
  • I retired at 33 from the insurance business and left knowing I would receive over $1 million in future renewal income.  Financial security is on my vision board.
  • My son got into one of the best STEM schools in the nation.  He’s a white kid living in a good zip code, and the school has to take children from different races and socio-economic backgrounds.  I had a picture of STEM curriculum on the vision board and know this is the reason we got picked in that lottery.
  • Last summer we bought a boat randomly from a neighbor selling his.  The exact kind of boat we wanted (a fish and ski) in our price range.  I took the boat off the vision board in May.

I want to give a re-cap of our vision board party and the steps we took to create the vision boards:

  1. We started the meeting by sharing what goals people wanted to achieve and getting to know each other.
  2. We discussed what a vision board is.
    • Vison: It’s a vivid mental image of what you want your life/business to be at some point in the future, based off your goals and aspirations.  Having a vision will give you a clear focus, and stop you heading in the wrong direction.
      • Beyond that, it’s critical to ask for what you really want. Most people don’t do this – they don’t really think about the details of what they really want.  They work hard, and let things “work out.”  Successful people don’t let things work out.  They happen because they do actions every day that get them closer to their goals and vision.  Because they’ve thought about it.
    • What is a vision board?? It’s simply a collective name for a wide variety of inspirational collages created from pictures.  It’s a pictorial representation of your vision – and a powerful way to make your dreams more tangible and attainable.  That’s because the very act of creating the vision board tells your mind what’s important.  You’re teaching your mind what you want to focus on in your life.
  3. I shared what mine looked like and we all spent some time journaling and thinking about goals. So few people think about what they really want in life.  They just go through the motions and hope for the best.  You don’t want to hope – you want to ask for what you want and then work towards it.  When you do this at home, find a space that is free from distraction and put on meditative or calming music.
  4. We made the vision boards!  And changed up the music!  If you have a favorite play list that gets you excited, I would recommend playing that.  It makes the process more fun and inspiring.  Some things to keep in mind as you make your’s:
    • With a vision board, how you feel is more important than what you think.  The process of tying feelings to your goals makes them more likely of happening.  Don’t worry if you don’t’ think you can achieve it.  If it excites you and makes you feel something, put it down.  You can always figure it out later.
    • Make your vision board colorful. Cut out things that inspire you.  No need to over-think it.
    • You should include more than photos.  Inspirational quotes, or your writing things out are appropriate.
    • It can also be powerful to look for things outside of your box.  Maybe you don’t consider yourself a runner, but you see a picture of someone running and it speaks to you.  Cut that out!
    • It’s a good thing to include your significant other in the process.  If my vision board doesn’t have any of my husband’s goals, he won’t be as supportive of me working towards them.

Creating a vision board is an important, but not urgent task and is easy to postpone.  Please schedule some time for yourself to do this in the month of December or January.  Make an appointment to do it, and then follow through.  Or you can just go through the same motions in 2019 that got you no where closer to your goals.

And once you create it, you’ll need to put some actions steps in place to achieve those goals.  The short-term and long-term ones.  At Rise Up Consulting, we specialize in connecting the dots between your long-term vision and the daily income-producing activities to achieve them.  If you ever have questions, or want to schedule a free, 30-minute coaching session with me, click on the link to my calendar.  You can also follow me on Instagram at RiseWithRebecca for daily content and inspiration.


My most up-to-date Vision Board.


(Head shot by Tracy Walsh Photography)


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