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Breaking Through the Days You Want To Give Up

This topic is brought to you today by request.  Every week I share a #basicbusinessbreak video on my social media accounts about basic business principles that successful people do.  You can find them here.  They are 30 seconds or less, and the point is simply to check-in with yourself.   Are you doing them?  Did you used to do them and somehow just stop?  I asked what topics people would want me to do a video on this week, and one woman asked for this topic.  And since there is so much too it and I couldn’t answer in a 30 second video, I’m writing a blog post about it.

I think we all fantasize about life being easy.  (Did you just stand in line and buy that $1.5 billion lottery ticket hoping you would win and life would somehow be awesome?)  When we face adversity we go to the victim mentality.  Why is this happening to me?  How come she doesn’t have to do this?  How are they accomplishing their goals and it’s hard for me?  I have thoughts like this quite often.  But I’ve learned to ignore them and not give any credibility to them.  (90% of the time.  My husband has to listen to my complaining the other 10%.  Let’s be real here.)  Because life isn’t easy.  That’s step one:  coming to terms with the fact that if you want anything worth having, you’re going to face some challenges along the way.


And oh, are there challenges!  Want to lose that baby weight and you’re over the age of 35?!?! Guess what?? It’s going to be hard!  Dreaming of being financially independent?  You’re going to have to say no to a lot of things so you can build your wealth.  Want to be in charge and become a business owner?  You get paid to deal with problems.  Every turn in the road is going to give you another obstacle to drive around.  Get past that one?  There’s another waiting for you around the bend.  Acknowledge that.  Accept it.  You won’t fight it if you know its coming.  You’re prepared for it.  You’re dealing with it.

To get through those days you want to give up on will require you utilizing a few tools.  And those tools will be easy to find because they’re in your mind.  (Or on a handy piece of paper you keep next to you.)  Here are a few things to do to keep going:

  1. Remind yourself of previous accomplishments you attained AFTER dealing with challenges.  It can be as simple as not leaving your workout class when your legs started shaking uncontrollably from fatigue.  You made it through that class and went back every week since.  (I totally just did this with a glut class at the gym. Holy hammies!)  Or it can be as serious as a time you stayed in your marriage during a rough patch.  But if you’re over the age of 5, you have scenarios where you didn’t give up.  Remind yourself of the badass you are.
  2. Remember your “why”.  Why are you working 14 hours a day?  Why are you on the road 5 days a week?  Why did you start your business?  If it’s connected to your vision, you’ll keep doing it.  Your why has to be so powerful that it will keep you going.  Developing your “why” is a whole other blog post topic, but if you don’t know how to come up with your’s research it.  Google is your best friend sometimes.
  3. Remember that quitting is a habit.  Do you want to start now?  I’ve worked with countless people who have quit.  Sometimes it was after the first challenge they encountered.  Other times it was after their 20th defeat.  There is a fine line between acknowledging that something isn’t aligned with you and quitting.  So many people quit right before the moment of triumph.  Don’t let that happen to you.

You will break through the hard days.  You’re climbing that mountain.  If you have a hard time seeing the big picture, ask someone for help.  And remember that the great thing about climbing the mountain is knowing that you haven’t reached your peak yet.





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