Life is the Process – Mindfully Enjoy it

I was scrolling through my social media and came across an update someone posted: “Remember what you were, when you wanted what you have.”  And it struck me still.  Everything in my life that I’ve been overwhelmed with or complain about have been placed there by me.   Even the things I appreciate have purposefully been put there by my thoughts.  The 25 year old me would have thought I won the lottery with how the 35 year old’s (or 36, who’s counting?!) life has turned out.  I have wanted everything I have at some point, yet I’m not always mindfully aware of that fact.  And so I’m not the most appreciative person.  And I’m trying to change that.

I remember the fast-track career I was on – working 60 – 70 hour weeks, traveling over 120 days a year.  I remember the weird men I dated.  I remember just wanting to find a normal guy and have a family with my career.  I remember the people placed in my path to guide me.  And I also remember thinking, “If I could just get to the point where my income allowed me some freedom, I could have a family and place some real options on my plate professionally and personally.”  And when I read that quote I realized that I have exactly what I thought about.  And I still feel like I’m at the end of a long line for a roller coaster ride.  When can I just get to the fun part?  Can I skip part of the line?  How did that person get in front of me?  Is there a fast pass for this?  And what I’m realizing is that life isn’t the 45 seconds of adrenaline or the title or the status symbol, its everything else while we are waiting.  Life is the process, and it’s time to be aware of it.


I was on a coaching call last week and I was speaking to my coach about the difference between high achievers and mediocre ones.  And it’s my belief that successful people have a better mind game than the rest.  They don’t approach their week thinking, “Well, here it is… can’t wait until happy hour on Friday.” Or say, “If only my boss (the economy, the President, my spouse) did what I wanted life would be better and I wouldn’t be so annoyed all the time.”  And they also don’t think, “Hm, I hope this week produces some results when I go to work.”  They go beyond that – they are mindfully aware of the process and actually create it.  And I’m having some issues doing this lately with a good attitude.  (I’m blaming it on the full moon.  I know the moon isn’t full the entire month, but that’s what I’m blaming it on!)

If our lives are going to consist of what we are thinking about today, we should be more aware of what we are about to create.  My coach told me to start a sentence each week that begins in the following way, “It is my sincere and heartfelt intention…”.  Fill in the blank.  And then finish it with, “…and so it is.”  Simply writing this down won’t give us a clear path or take away all the challenges, but intention is the key to making it happen.  You can call it a prayer to God or a request to the universe, but it is powerful.  And that blank is where life happens.  That’s it!  And we are either mindfully aware of what we are creating or we point fingers at circumstances.


It is my heartfelt and sincere intention that I show my appreciation for what I have right now: the business, the family, the friends, the health, and the life that I’m lucky to have.  And that something I wrote sparks something in you to make a mindful change.  And so it is.



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